Women’s Day special

What should be the status of women in the society?

Every Women should be respected. Your spiritual power, goodness and ethics may not be able to help you in getting rid of sin of disrespecting women. Further, your whole power and values may vanish.

It is most important to honour and value all classes of woman. Otherwise it will surely put heavy impact in your life.

Why should we respect women, specially those who harmed/hurt us..

It is plausible that we may suffer due to them. However, we need to understand basic nature of women before commenting on them. However, women are respectful for being feminine: above all.

What is the main role of woman?

Women give shape to the family. Women should love and care their husband and his family. Women should transform house into home.  Woman should consider her husband as lord and should honour him. She should fill his emptiness.

Actually it should act like two broken pieces which make the complete picture.

What is the nature of women?

Women are emotional, responsible, lovable and known to have big heart. At spiritual levels both women and men are equal.

However, it is also true that it is the nature of women to seduce men and they may be unfaithful and cruel. In the similar way it is the nature of men to try to make union with opposite sex.

We can think of nature as some program running in us which always take us towards our nature i.e. it may not be our desire but it is the natural responses, which need to be controlled/restricted at times. Seduction may be reflection of property of women that they are the eternal embodiment of the senses. However, both (men/women) seems to be faces of the same coin.

What is the ideal environment for a wife to be happy?

Wife should consider his husband as everything to her. She should follow disciplines to make their life happy. Wife should try to unite families.  Perfect family is described as Joint family supported by the priest/ spiritual guru’s or Kuldev! Where all of them celebrate and share happiness and pain. Wife is having almost all happiness from their husband. She should never forget that women can change everything and can make things favourable.
Should women have restricted access like in Hinduism, Jainism, Islam and Buddhism?

Yes. Actually that is good for them. Even scope of men should be controlled!


Which is better love marriage or arrange marriage?

Love marriage is superior.  However even arrange marriage are considered right approach. Beware, there are many traps as part of impact of Kalyuga.

Is being virgin important?

Yes, it is very important for men and women. However, bit more for women. Both fornication and adultery are very dangerous sins (considered in Hindu, Islam, Christian and may be others too) and have very strong punishments.

We don’t like restrictions. Why should we follow such controlled restricted environment?

We should follow for our happiness and righteousness. This is path defined by our god/deity. Very simple, all rules and restriction may look annoying but actually they are for our betterment.


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