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Why we take birth?

For this first we need to know the goal of spirit. Ultimate goal of spirit is too attend moksha(enlightenment) i.e. dissolve into the divine.  So in the last birth we have done some fair work(i.e. spiritual advancement) that’s why we are human but not good enough to attend moksha!

Why human form is considered most important? Why not lion, whale or anything else?

Other’s view: Human are having good mind so we can enjoy more!

My view: Only in human form, we can achieve god. One life time is enough to achieve god and if we don’t achieve god in this life then we are the biggest loser.

What is the significant of life:

Other’s view: Life is all about people and their relations

My View: Life is all about experiencing love and happiness which always exist on this world.  Core significance is increasing purity of spirit by attending higher spiritual levels. Everything else is just Maya(Money, Sex, Ego).

Is Happiness Emotion?

Other’s view: Yes

My View: No, happiness is always part of this earth. It is one of the attribute of divine being. Happiness is our birth right.

According to astrology – Everything in life is fixed? Why should we act?

Other’s view: Yes, By astrology, we can predict everything. All things in life is fixed!!

My View:  Astrology should be taken as snapshot of past occurrence not future. If we look in that way, all hard work done by us can be taken as part of  our prediction.

Is Spirituality Important?

Simple Answer will be just, just tell me who are the one reading this line. Don’t tell attribute/association like name,age,relations etc!

Should we read religious literature?

Other’s view: One friend read Geeta and left home. We should avoid reading in such context.

My view: After reading(e.g. Bhagvad Geeta), Many spiritual people discover that real aim of life is to attain enlightenment, every other thing is only for our survival. So they seek forward to discover themselves.  Everyone should read Bhagvad Geeta. It is mandate to save yourself from Kalyuga Impact.

What is the impact of Kalyug(Dark age/Current Age)?

Ans: 1. The period of life, the energy, intellect and the physical strength of men decreases.

2. People will waste their life in materialistic gains and will not  have wisdom.

3.  Men will regard their wives as their  only friend and will spoil natural resources.
4.Spiritual person will be dishonoured.
5. Blood relations will be abused.
6.The girls will themselves choose their lords(husband).And no one will ask for a girl (for the purposes of marriage) and no one will give away a girl (for such purposes).
7.A the end of the Yuga comes, the right hand will deceive the left and the left the right. Men will cease to trust one another.
8. Sin will increase and prosper, while virtue will fade and cease to flourish.
9. Division of roles, will disappear, everyone will be at same state.
10. Men will act cruelly, and speak ill of one another and women, living uncontrolled.
11. Dominated by women, all men dance to their tune like a monkey controlled by its trainer.
12. There ensues a confusion of castes (due to promiscuous intermarriages) and every one infringes the sacred laws.
13. In the Kali age famine are of frequent occurrence and for want of food grains people perish en masse.
14. In the age of Kali duplicity, perversity, hypocrisy, malice, heresy, pride, infatuation, concupiscence,lust and arrogance etc. pervade the whole universe. there is no contentment, nor discernment, nor composure.
15. Men and women all pamper their body

Good thing about Kalyug

People are able to attain through the name of God in the Kali age. No other age can compare with the Kali age provided a person has faith (in its virtue); in this age one can easily cross the ocean of transmigration simply by singing God’s holy praises.

How can we get rid of these impacts?

There is only one solution mentioned in Hinduism.. yet very simple – Read Bhagvad Geeta. It is mandatory to read Bhagav Geeta atleast once in your life time.

Should we know all this at such young age?

Other’s view: Nope, it is more important to enjoy worldly pleasure and life twist and turn. This thing is useless.

My view: Running away from reality will not help you. Delegating and procrastination hardly works. It is important to enjoy worldly pleasure but learning “reality” will always help you in having a better life.

My life is so tough! Lots of problem.. God always help people .. who already have a lot to cheer about

Other’s view: Be practical, it is often true. Rich always gets money.. not the needy one. Most of us middle/low class people have to face all problems.

My View: Nope. If  life is tough you should think it as an opportunity to make yourself more powerful.  For god, everyone is at same level.

Secondly, problems mostly occur due to hurting expectation and worrying about unseen! For expectation,  Nothing belongs to you, everything belong to the god, the almighty. So question of expecting something does not arise.

We are doing hard work. We should get better tomorrow!

Other’s view: Absolutely, still some people don’t do hardwork and gain lots of materialistic thing.. lucky people

My view: First, make it clear. Whatever we got in life, whatever moments we spend all these things are NOT done by us.. its god’s blessings. Doing hard work is in our hand result is not!

People really go mad in affairs!

Other’s view 1: Yes, but it seems good to hear about their madness and sharing.. good humour.

Other’s view 2: Yes, it is very tough to be in love. It make our life very tough.. Nobody should every do it..

My view: Its tough, but it is the way it should be.. It is difficult for living with a person without having strong bond. Love is the biggest support for our life even from starting. Don’t abuse love whether you can understand it or not. But it is not difficult to overcome any stage of life.

If someone abuse me or insult me then he should learn a lesson.

Other’s view: Absolutely after all “Revenge is the purest emotion”

My view: He/She is not abusing you.. he/she is abusing your “ego”.

Huh.. such people showing that they care for others! liars!

Other’s view: Yes, I have seen one of my friend.. tried to remove stones from the middle of the road.. I asked them to patch holes but he refused!! Acting

My view: It is shameful that we try to discourage rather than seeing ourselves who is almost doing NOTHING for anybody else. For judging a person.. you should be superior than that. And if you actually are.. then you will appreciate your friends work.

If you keep on smiling/laughing often people will find you mad!

Other’s view: Yes, how any one can smile in this world!! Phew!! One who is smiling/happy without any reason is surely a fool.

My view: We should acquire that trend, smile is economical and very healthy it also put direct impact over person’s sentiments.. being happy is our inborn traits.. God blessed you with so much things in life.. even without any demand!! We should be happy as we have gained so much in life?

Rapist should be hanged instantly!

My view: Coming soon

If someone is threatening your closed ones then shouldn’t we kill them?

My view: Your prime responsibility is to save your closed one’s. You should take minimum stop to make this thing happen. We should practice forgiveness more often and not revenge. If we look back to the history – We can clearly see that when Lord Jesus was hanged, he was praying to god that god please forgive them, they don’t know what they are doing?

Most of the enlightened person/God die in poor conditions like Lord Krishna, Ramkrishna pramahansh, Lord Jesus. Why its so?

Coming soon..

The person who are experiencing constant pain, severe emotional stress or very low moral values in society should think that suicide is an option. Isn’t it?

Clearly No. Suicide is never an option..

Details coming soon.


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