One World, One Religion

September 14, 2008

We grouped the world in different diversion based on racism, religion, culture and geographical entities. We further classified religion into cults,sects,denominations. These bifurcation help us in determining different groups which in some terms “similar” to us. For human being its really very necessary to bifurcate such groups for healthy social and cultural life.

But soon, empowering one over another initiated cold war situations and started spoiled our peace. It affected geographical diversion most, but there are many communities groups and legal agreements to minimize its effect.  Most important aspects of such wars are affecting fiercely toward religious aspects of human being. It is ubiquitous problem.

Religion is always dubiously known as worshiping super natural power, as personal god. Due to illiterates and strong biased beliefs some of us are in deep obfuscation about knowing the truth.

By definition, given on many dictionaries including our personal belief, I concluded that there is only one religion on earth. As we know that extreme results more than the path we follow. There is very subtle different between different religions. All universal constraints including qualitative and quantitative entities are same. Just to assure us regarding above statement, we now concentrate on main beliefs and their religious context.

1. God – Supernatural Power: No religion deny that god is super natural and having power beyond our thoughts and imaginations. We worship god in different forms hindu may have seen god in the form of Ram, Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh etc, muslim’s may have seen god as Allah, Christians may have seen god as Jesus Christ, sikh may have seen god as Guru Nanak similarly for other religions. There are some similarities between all, All god born as an human and become super human, all gesticulated about one perpetual power i.e. there is existence of only one super natural power, all of them might have hold some of that scattered power rays which made them superhuman. Even many mythological stories proves this fact, including Sai Baba’s wording “Sabka Maalik Ek”. Some stories also concluded that you can achieve god in whatever way you want.  So we worship one supernatural power in different forms. All religion agrees to it.

2. Worshiping: Every religion may have different way of worshiping their god. But worshiping is common act and defined by all religion.

3. Heaven and Hell

4. Spreading Religion without forcing.

Every religions are having there different facts and beliefs, most of the beliefs are directly or indirectly related to their god i.e their speech and discipline.
No religion allows us to spreading through suppressing others or regional issues.

No doubt that countries have measurable emphasis of one religion. But everyone should respect each others religion and beliefs. Every human is different and should be completely free to take decisions by their own. Ultimately all the religions shares some common root. So all religions are related in many aspects.
illiterate and politics are major cause of mishaps due to  unclear picture of religion. Apart from it, I also want to state that there are many section which define our identity: social and cultural, every section have their different roles and impacts some of them may be religion, regional, society, interest etc. We should be clear at one point that our life should be always at highest place, then the heart followed by mind. Many times we stuck to momentary situation which empowering one of these sections to rule on our life!! But we should understand that when we got out of the world behavioristic situation, it may last only for some moments. If you got win over that moments then you might have saved yourself from one very danger stage.

Obvious question may be why we should respect others religions, if some of them have done something against us or our ancestors?

Newton’s third law can be extended from scientific scope to real life. Many times it makes a positive impact. When you started one thing, depending on its intensity(power to influence), it may distribute like a chain reaction and things may got out of control at some moment. Interestingly, these are the origins of various past beliefs. Religions never supersede our life, they are just disciple and rules we have chosen to make ourselves comfortable and in a common social sector and typically agreeing to our group . Above all we are just humans, so everyone should not be treated by religion they should be treated by their attitude toward you and vice versa. It is very simple to understand that if we can be blessed by GOD by following our defined path then they may also.

Unfortunately many political parties, terrorism and now, countries too are taking advantage of our limited understanding about religion.

Taking terrorism as an example, they are empowered by some supporting countries, which may be an alternative form of cold war. They are having very good mind and courage, so positively they may be far better then us in doing productive work but they don’t, because we never realize their talent. We directly take it as an abusive  group and we try to vanish them at any cost. I don’t thing that any of the groups planned to take a step ahead in realizing their existence and finding solution by taking them in loop. Its very simple to understand that everyone knows, if something affected any one’s life badly may not give rise to terrorism. Because I believe that if something wrong happened then our main view should be to find out root cause and try to workaround that same should not happen with thousands of others. That may be a good global contribution to the world. I will cover it in later posts.

Secondly, religion is best play for politics. We are so sentimental regarding our religions that we never take out time to find associated political benefits to some parties. We produced it and only we can vanish this technique of gathering more votes or attention and now a days it is cheapest advertising technique. Obviously media is also responsible for diffusing it, I believe that there should be central community to decide which news should be published and at what level. This thing in intelligently covered by western countries.
**Under revision.
To be continued..