Accept Yourself

October 6, 2008

We started seeing the competitive world, sometime cursing our fate for not being the “best” of the world. We started to feel jealous with an illusion that other one is superior then us may not be in quality but in satisfying her need or situation at current instance. At one aspect, jealousness can be an outcome of alternative need.

These jealousness may lead to frustration and some times into anger.

Why we feel something like that? is It some short of deficiency or luck? We try to find references in dozens of books about how to grow, mental peace and other personal affairs. But we hardly implemented any of them, most of the books just extended their stories and provide some way comparative environmental generalized view, which may not be suitable for us.

Many researches shows that motivational factor is one of powerful candidate at employee’s success. It is one of the accelerating agent in  having good professional life and personal too. Let’s analyze, why we think we can’t and all relative absurd feelings. From my view, most important thing is first we should understand our power and dimensions at different levels which may require segregation at different levels. It is better to analyze self potential.

We should understand that nobody is perfect, so we may found ourself less capable at some points and more capable at others. We can further categorize factors as which are by birth or can be developed. Now for ‘by birth’ capability like leadership, we are having little chance to improve but it never means that we should not try to improve it, knowing the complexity, if we try to do micro-analysis then we can find that improvement over one factor minutely affect many others. For sake of understanding, if we try to improve our leadership skill then our managerial capability will have direct impact to it. Once we keep chart of our capability and losses. We can differ our thoughts toward our personal and professional development.

It is also true that we can’t improve something at benchmark level, fortunately, even not required due to inversion of one factor to another,  like improving management skill to extreme level may lead to some detoriation in inter team skills in the role as a coleauge or as a friend.  Because management somewhat related to ‘using emotions’ rather than expressing it. So we should have our future plan ready and ‘nearly’ perfect mix of quality required to achieve that.

Secondly accept yourself. Don’t look others to whom you think supersedes you in any way. If you are looking you can’t progress.

Healthy competition don’t deal with comparing factors but with variation in the end results. If both are fighting for one target than first snatcher will be the winner or alternatively the one who scored higher in their respective unit. Be a liar to the word but not to yourself, you should know your exact potential and capabilities.

Many time we hear people stating that one incapable person got such a good result like that person is having very less knowledge then others but he/she is earning many folds than me and in similar fashion. Here comes the role of Xfactor, as these factors are directly not visible and hardly communicated, we use to oversee them. Some are having enriched amount of Xfactor which are most essential constitutes of success. I will further elaborate success in coming articles.

So remember, accept the way god have blessed you and try to utilize it for maximum benefits. Try to improve your skill and skills intelligence too.

*Initial Draft

*In revision.