Blossoming – Source of Happiness

September 9, 2013

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Parental Advisory
Enjoying Life..” We use this phrase when

  • After too much drinking and shouting ; hardly able to think.. we say dude you are enjoying life..
  • Have party every weekend and rocking the dance floor!!!
  • Flirting with opposite sex
  • Having very delicious seven course meal
  • Having good hangout with friends

Is that you call FUN or ENJOYING LIFE.. What a ignorance.

Aha! You can ask yourself.. or you might have heard..

*I always wanted to earn lots of money..
*I always wanted to be successful…
*I always wanted everyone should know me..
*i always wanted that my family should be the best and get the best..

Again what a ignorance..
And yes, our brain conditioning is so much hard that if anyone don’t think on these lines then he must be brainwashed or don’t know how to enjoy the life.. you might started having same feeling about me.. but what if whatever I am saying is true!!!

This might be shocking.. If this is all ignorance.. then; what is concrete.. It is giving “me” happiness..

Where is Happiness?
Whatever things listed above falls under just 1-2% happiness available for the mankind.. Yes, I am not drunk.. Something else is responsible for happiness.. Which generally we don’t deal with.. everything last for few mins/hours or months.. Isn’t that happening.. with all our happiness we have to renew it.. and we are in constant search for renewal of happiness.. some pleasant experience.. whether it is your lover or delicious food or amazing night life.. It just do some dangerous conditioning of the mind.. that says boss you have done this this thing last time to be happy then repeat the same..
Isn’t it!! When you go to your favourite restaurant you order for tried and tested things often… Right?
but think think think.. what is the source of all these happiness.. is these things – food, relations or adventure are putting happiness inside you.. NOPE they may be triggering very small fraction of happiness. In Ocean you throw some stones then what will happen.. some ripples are created.. how much time it take to settle.. Got it; yes, you are right ..You are so full you are the ocean of Bliss and something trigger very little bit of the big ocean… You can always have access to Big ocean.. you will not understand what I am telling you; experiencing the whole new arena of experiences.. where you will feel that whatever life  you have right now so not even 10% of what I am living right now.. Your quality of enjoy will grow manifolds. You will start enjoying every moments.. boredom will run away.. just by knowing that ocean.. and yes you can get the whole ocean.. don’t you know what is enlightenment all about?
I use to be excited about SMS stating that don’t tease girl, don’t drink alcohol etc etc.. and we use to have great laugh.. what the life would be…without all these..  but is it?


There are two biggest secrets of the world – “You” and “God”. Forget about Who Am I.. but where is God, who is God! Answer to all these is that God exist  and almost all spiritual person have experienced it. Yes, you can only experience God. It is extremely easy. When you do few months practice of Sudarshan Kriya or Go very deep in meditation by continuous practicing for many months .. you will experience the pinch of Bliss.. The ultimate relaxation and peace which come from switching off everything .. may be only for few fraction of seconds but that is it.. and you are never the same again.. you will not fall under 1% happiness trap. Oh! Are you still wasting time by not experiencing it and practicing the same?????

It is just the mind game
Oh you have too much in your head.. but still not empty..
What happen when you dream.. don’t it feel like real!! Why it also impact emotions.. were you ever aware that you are dreaming!! Nope.. then does it mean that mind creates everything.. how come it may occur.. it is ofcourse not the memory.. you feel it absolutely real and you know what thoughts is..
Mind is not in body’ infact body is in Mind.
Oh! There is something else which is very obvious… so does it mean that there is chances to wake up from all these.. S you got a clue about enlightenment..

Why people are so fascinated about enlightenment
Our true nature is Bliss; nope not happiness; there are other levels..
People are too much confused with the wordings.. Pleasure, Happiness and now never heard.. and yet not experience “Bliss”.. Hey it is not like that you never experienced.. may be your happiest moment is somewhat 10% of the bliss moment.
To experience one moment of Bliss – that state for which you will be ready to dedicate many lifetimes. But Alas to mind conditioning of Kalyuga – we waste whole lifetime without experiencing “Bliss”.  Yes, you heard it right.. Whatever life any non-spiritual person have its just “they have to live that life”…
But how can we experience the bliss?


Yes it may be shocking to you again.. but that realization is extremely important. You need to be extremely lucky to experience that practically.. It is proved by reading this article that you are lucky that atleast you know very precious knowledge.

Yes, You are the SOURCE
1. Of all Happiness
2. Of all Knowledge
3. Of All Happening and specially your life!!

We always think that we are the destination of happiness. We watch good movies, or see comedy programs, do some adventurous stuff.. all is just waste of time.. Thinking that you are the destination and not the source!! then where is the source!??? Dear – You are the SOURCE. Yes same applies for Physical Pleasure.. that is just not even 1% of happiness available to you.
You might have thought that spiritual person are fools they don’t bother about things like you do and they are just spoiling everything bla bla bla.. Actually their life is far better and beautiful.. you can’t even imagine.. they are enjoying like anything.. you can’t even think of .. but still you need not to be greedy.. as you need lots of luck to experience that life. But understanding this fact is very important.
There are things ahead of perception of our little mind. Human is not the highest form of creation – but being human being we can reach the highest.
See the graph below. It clearly indicates that regardless of your utter hard work and contribution – if you haven’t grown spiritually; you will fall in 1-2% of happiness range and with heavily influence by negative emotions and just a bit of God particle.

Level of Happiness

When you started having spiritual experiences then you automatically attach to God and you start experiencing God. There will be huge difference in worship and rituals before being spiritual and after.. you may got intoxicated with the divine.. that moment when every particle contribute to your energy when everything blossom for you, become brighter.. you find many times bigger world inside you… with ultimate relaxation much greater than thoughtlessness.. all brain nerves going into deep relaxation.. peace with full of juice;. that can’t be expressed in words… the absolute comfort deep relaxation when you don’t want to open your eyes… yes that’s the moment you start experiencing God. Unfortunate are those who even not experienced state of meditation.

Events of your life

Forget about your facts of atheism or reincarnation.. there is no doubt that it exist – I can tell you with 100% Assurance and yes, there are many layers of reality – beyond our all imagination Infact.. your current life is combination of many past lives karma.. whether good or bad whatever happening in your life is heavily influenced by karma. There is very interesting program running behind the scene which is making current picture in front you. However, I will not go into complexity.
This picture will help you understand Karma influence on your current life. So stop blaming others – that has to come into your life.. now don’t bother too much about past.. that is gone.. work on the things you can change.

Influence of Karma
Please Maximize to see minute details

Seva – Selfless Service

If you want to instantly experience a high quality joy – This is the way selfless service. It is directly associated to contentment and happiness..

You being the source are here to “Give”

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This blog article content are compiled by knowledge from various sources- my master’s wisdom- H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Art of Living, Yoga Vashist, Patanjali Yoga Sutra, Bhagvad Geeta and many other spiritual treasures.


The Life Cycle

March 2, 2010

–I would like to thank Samir, Prateek, Abhishek, Sanjay, Ravi for giving their support and guidance, which added value to this blog post. Without your efforts, this article can not be a SUCCESS.


19 August 1949 An unknown UFO  is seen at the Death valley. Many villagers are claiming that they have seen a spaceship landed .. sorry kissed the land about 3 meter up from the base.

No hair, Small height, big dangerous eyes without any eyelash, without ear bone.. Tough color, dangerous looks… that’s an alien – a villager spoke..

Lets come back to law of physics: We developed a machine, at initial, it takes time and heavy load to start, once it started running, it got full efficiency at 20% of its life cycle and then its efficiency top out after some period; which is the start of declination. Everyone including us, the human being follow same principle. At initial stage, we require heavy support to grow. After that roughly from the age  of 16-50 we experience consistent growth with little variation and then declination starts and then death. We top out at somewhat mid of our youth life. This fact is based on law of physics there is no machine which can show 100% efficiency throughout its life.

The fourth dimension:

We see, perceive things in three dimension. But our theory is challenged by scientist in 1827 onwards. There are more dimensions.. not 4 .. its 10 or 11d. Still debate is going on in accepting super gravity as a dimension. But however, in sort there are 10 dimension, but its true we perceive only 3 dimension space.

One of them most important dimension is “time”. We were always excited about it, no.. we normal human can’t see it or feel it. But everyone in the world know that it exist. We always thought that it is impossible to think about time machine.

In 2007, scientists got a breakthrough in this space with the concept of bending space-time. Now they are trying to make it in closed special shape. Another research come from Einsteins theory of relativity.. if their is black hole which absorb things then there should be white hole which emits that things.. because all physics law are symmetric in nature.

Everyone know, one day we will realize time machine. No.. not in next few years but in next few decades.

Wait! How can we say it? There is nothing stored as of past. How can we travel back? I hope you might have heard about hypnotism. Hypnotism has proven that our brain is quite powerful in keeping track of all history and gaining consciousness of always every instant we every spent. Travel among different life, imagine things and many more. So ya! we can perceive past.

Lets assume, we are having anything on the name of time machine. It exists, now how can ‘that future’ impact our present. They are already impacting. Lets again look back at the description of stealth technology i.e. plane which are not detected by R.A.D.A.R, many scientist suggested that technology is borrowed from aliens. Scientists are not even able to understand the creation of spaceship!!

What are aliens? Big eyes, no lashes, no nails – hair, without ear bone. Always aliens come and disappear in very short time span. We always believed that they are from other space. But one strange thing, everytime, we see spaceship and after sometime .. spaceship is lost in the air.. no one claim the existence for a long time. Because that was not a spaceship.. that may be just a time machine!! Aliens are nothing but the human of the future.  No .. it is not possible they look quite different!!! Isn’t it?
We know that our body is quite adjustable, it changed a lot according to environment, in the near future, we will be highly impacted by ultraviolet rays. This will soon start burning our eyes specially eye lash. To protect our eyes, eyes will become bigger. All waste like hair, ear bone, nails etc will be vanished. As we heard that in history, kings are having height about 7-8 feet. But now, average height is decreasing and in near future, it will decrease to the size of alien. Another important fact, aliens are having nothing more than what we have today. They are not having any tail or thorn!! Another important fact, that lies in the existence, most of the alien are seen in developed countries. We rarely find appearance of any aliens in poor African/Asian countries. At that time, guys from developed country may be having curiosity to see their past. It is quite obvious that in future world war, developed country will be the best candidate to survive and after that, their races will cover the whole world.

Ok let’s have things one by one. Here I am going to answer things one by one:

How anyone can see the future?

Time is one of the most mysterious dimension. It can be taken as the snapshot of the entire world.

What are the occurrence of events and their relation with the third dimension? How someone can predict the future? These things are impossible.

We always here the fact that our life-cycle is cyclic order after kalyuga, next step will be satyuga and things will continue.

Life Cycle:

In our life, there are two type of pre decided events 1. Fixed 2. Decision. Our life can be portrayed as a workflow diagram where some actions are upto us to decide. Most(if not all) of the things in our life are fixed. There may be very few decisive points.
When we born, we are having our complete fate in our hand. Expert palmist/astrologist can predict it to the greater extent i.e. they can predict what can happen in your life based on certain stars or palm lines. So there are something very accurate and fixed, which can be predicted.

So that’s it. Whatever we do till date is fixed then? then I should not be worried about things happen in past!! Ya you should not, even decision events CAN NOT be changed.

According to new research based on gravitational forces, we are JUST a holographic image. We may not really exists!! So our life is a sequence of major events.

Wait! There are other things! It is not only our life events.. there are some global events which happens including accidents. They are part of system.

So Life Time consist of fixed events, predecided events and meeting with global events.

Now taking it at minute level:

We, the Human

Who are we? Wait and think about it.. hmm got an answer. We do exist in this world for thousands of years, we are the same. I feel that it can be changing of snake’s skin.

Emotion, Alas! we, even the director of matrix believed that our emotions CAN NOT be an outcome of equation. I believe it is. Emotions helps us in building relations and binding which help us to be socialize and unite. It is strong bond between us. But unfortunately, emotions rules us to some extent. It is important for our survival, emotions exist in every living species. If controlled, emotions can become very aggressive powers and motivational factor. It can also act exactly opposite.

So, leaving the emotional part apart.. what is our exact nature good or bad? Simplest answer will be GOOD infect very GOOD. We are befooled with the game of senses and emotions to let them choose our direction. I would like to keep some views on lines of Swami Vivekananda speech

“You will find two things everywhere. Sex and Ego. God has made sexual desire very very powerful for growth of species. Ego is chief things and sex lies on it. If we identify our true potential then all such sexual urge will be in control. Believe it or not, Most of the things we do is directly or indirectly related to Sex like fashion, perfume, body building, cinema, dance, hotels etc.”

I have a strong believe that physical intimacy make very heavy emotional bond. This bond can be sufficient to live a life with someone, that’s why it may be first thing after marriage. This bond is not infatuation but ya, its not love even.

Human and the God

It is very unfair, Most of the god are human. Then why they have created us so weak? Why we are not having that “special” fact. We are only having matured big brain! Is that the only difference between us and other living creatures?

Think… Think… Think… Oh! Got the solution!!! NO? Let me help you.

We are very powerful. We can walk on water, we can fly in air, we can see the future, even we can change the future event, we can control nature. We can control animals and many more .. All these things are lies inside us only. We only need to realize and unlock that hidden potential.

Ok! Wait!! According to your thinking, we are having so much power then why anyone realizes such powers never helps us? Why they left us to fate? are they too selfish?

We are living in a system. This system is ongoing and has processes. Only people who have unlocked some of the inner potentials, can clearly understand this system. So they are aware about processes and rules/regulations associated with it. We are part of the system and we are NOT supposed to make dramatic changes in the system. If we will, we will be directly thrown out of the system regardless of any major facts.

Everyone should be selfish. Love yourself most, then others. It is law of survival.

However, I haven’t got enough favorable opinion. but it would not be a surprise if everything we see, perceive and sense may really NOT exist at all! They exists for binding us to the mortal world and to control our power.

Regarding Sex: Both male and female seems to be equally powerful. According to Hindu their supreme power is recognized as Shiva and Shakti. However, power of Shakti extended scope and touches males also.

So God gifted us this life to add some values to the world. We are most powerful species.

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