Friendship Day Special

August 3, 2008

When we first introduced to the world we see many eyes having hope and expectation, but some supporting hands always stay with us in difference phases of life. We starts categorizing them according to situation and comfort level and some of them may become friends forever.

When we see toward our past life at different experiences, difficult times they use to give free consultancy and always try to fix up the thing without any personal benefits!! Together we shared, had fun, enjoyed, cried together in giving some special moments with accelerated our growth. I can’t remember number of times, when someone told me go ahead I am with you. Being a normal human being, we always fall in problems and instantly supported.

Most special part about true friendship is that, if we forgot about them for long times and then we recall, they never use to complain(Try this in case of your girlfriend/boyfriend.. that make friends better than them :D). It also helps in long lasting friendship. I just want to recall one incident. One of my good friend called me after 1 month, he was in the state of anxiety(seems like). He started to say, sorry my girlfriend just taken me away from my friends, she was too bad. I am so sorry than I haven’t contacted you because of her and so on. I was really in wonder, I never expected this, it was quite normal for me, being his friend but ya that realization made me feel good :D.
I am very choosy in making friends, I try to properly categorize them. I waste quite good amount of time in analyzing them. Luckily, currently I am having 100% success in choosing the best. I am having quite big group of good friends and each of them are special in some way. It really strengthen me. They helped me enormous times, which makes my journey smooth. One more thing about friendship(which make it, one more win over girlfriends and boyfriends :P) is that friends are quite flexible, they understand you better than anyone else. When we threaten them, shout on them or even if we scold them, they may not react in abnormal way because they may be aware that its normal behavior for us. Sometimes, I really wonder that am I annoying them, and they use to  respond “its OK! we are listening. Its not so boring..(:D).”

Being so good, we should also take care of dimension and limitation of friendship. I read one though of the day it state that “Never advise anyone to go to war or ‘to marry’. Just extending these things a bit forward. When thing are quite serious and if consequences can put heavy impact on your friends life, simply “give guidance, but never involve”. But if you really want take something into account. First, you should have very good knowledge about your friend and every side. Secondly, you should be expert of things, if you never experienced that situation then give up. Always remember if thing are very serious then its really very difficult to make things correct, so it may be possible that accidentally, you may spoil everything, even if your intentions are quite good.  So you must be powerful enough to phase both situation, if thing gone worst then only “you” will be blamed or cursed. That may be temporal but it may hurt you, that you helped your friend and now you are getting such response!! its quite natural. Another note, if everything go fine than no one really cares about your efforts, you may not be blamed but none the less, never ever be appreciated. So it should be completely self-less. But, it may go even bad, you may be harmed by either party. So its better to remember dimension of friendship and their dimension. Its good that you behave diplomatically in handling situation like this.

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