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Greetings Readers,

Thanks a lot for making our blog( a huge success.

When I started blogging.. Few of us started commenting that no one is going to read your blog but thousands of readers(at present) proved them wrong.

I always prefer to live high valued life i.e. avoiding cheap and mean mentality.I simplified complexity by adopting one of the most difficult quality i.e. “honesty” and “trust”. Fortunately, I never have to make additional efforts in adopting it. I inherited these qualities from my family. It’s quite difficult and painful to stick to it, but I bet, once you adopted, you may never ever feel guilty throughout your life. I found very beautiful lines written by expert philosopher, worth sharing::

“Don’t Make Assumptions. Find the courage to ask questions and to express what you really want. Communicate with others as clearly as you can to avoid misunderstandings, sadness and drama. With just this one agreement, you can completely transform your life.”

I completely agree with the above statements and believe me, if implemented, it dramatically solve most of your problems.

Now lets discuss our worth with respect to India and world.

Our contribution is really interesting.. we are 0.0000001% part of our country and 0.000000016% part of the world. We born and brought up in different environment, we try to fulfill our dreams and interact with reserved number of people around us and then we keep on working on ‘taking our responsibility’ till death. Cycle goes on. I rarely see any exception to this rule. In our whole life i.e.about 569400 hours we influence only 500-1000 person. Which make it to 0.00005% population at most!! i.e. We always deal with our biggest chunk of 5 in 1 crore person!! We are so minute that we can’t even put any account to our country!! Most of us, come in top 20% educated Indians! only to make this awareness?? We live our part of 0.00005% and we leave, without putting any impact to the world. We say “I am happy, I got promotion”, “I am happy, I purchased my first car”.. and all other “I am happy idioms without discovering real happiness. Why god made us the part of most precious species of the universe – The human?? to live our part and just add to 60 billion population!! There are many passive thinkers in the world who says why should I worry about others and they just make you from stop doing anything. Total balance of goodness may come to  0.0 or even negative!!! Most of us are from the country having best sales market of the world, one of the top exporter. Developing nation with more than 9% GDP(YoY). One of the biggest raw material and service supplier of the world i.e. most of the developed nation maintain their progress because of us. Thus, having second highest population and least awareness. Still!!  no change in poverty(continuously 25% people are under poverty line(on year basis)), literacy ratio is struggling at 50% while UK and US is having more than 95%!! Are you adding any value to the world? or you are going to enjoy your 5 in crore chunk and find fake happiness in this!!!

When I was in the best position to understand the thing, I was having very clear target in mind. I want to make this world a better place to live. I fought with many controversy and lived slightly tough life. Even though, in ups and down tried to take out marginal time to share my word. I tried to take numerous steps in the past. I wanted to preserve heritage, culture which may lead to better tomorrow.I want to preserve the feelings, the one:

When father felt proud at first job of his child. When some old man realize that his grandchildren really care about him. When some of our loved one calls us after a long time to make sure that eyes got wet with mixed emotions. When we got our first salary. When we complete our responsibility successfully. When we feel that one of our loved one have done tremendous job.  When some poor man react very hearty and offers everything to help without having any cheap concerns or past records, which we usually do. When we came to realize that someone special have taken all the pain to maintain a slight happiness in our face. When people can take decision according to their heart rather than mind.

I believe that 100 brains can work far better than one .. even more than 100 multiples because sometimes it gives us further help in making new view points. Many of us, feels that we are not having enough time to share our words and extend our hand to help other. Fortunately, now I am taking on the responsibility to make this world listen to you. All blog topic creation will be completely open to our readers. Now its your chance to help us and other needy ones. As part of our next step, We are open sourcing our blog content.
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It will also improve the transparency of the blog creation.

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We are also in process of creating a chain of experts to deliver our best to you.

Warm Regards,

Deepesh Deomurari


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