The Women’s World

March 8, 2009

Today, I am going to write about donors of this world who bestowed us most valuable thing “the life”. God empowered her by making them extraordinary. A idol of love, sacrifices, goodness, but always unrequited by male dominating world. One of the most insecure race of the world(women) due to more secured race(male). We(male) always say that things are changing we are having respect for women!! do we really do?
Today when we claim that there is no problem for girls!! Lets take a clear picture, how secured every women’s life is…

Two boys trying to chase a girl in front of one famous girls college. Girls was rashly running  on her scooty, hundreds of people surrounding that place, just keep doing their work like nothing happened, its a usual things i.e. everyday we see the same! This is just we are, why should we bother if anything unusual is happening infront of us. Better to be Blind! Today, in 2009 and onwards, are we sure that girls are living with the same liberty as guys are?!! Why some of us are so CHEAP that they keeps on teasing and flirting with girls just putting excessive advantage of their flirting experiences and trying to fool around with girls? Why we keep on staring at girls and annoying them when we can’t to our sister, mother and other close relatives!! Why we guys abuse girl when we came to know something bad about them and make things spread like fire, when we can’t do it for our friends or other guys? Why this world is male dominating world? Why women’s are not getting equal rights, even though their are many person who keeps on shouting that stop girl’s reservation!! Don’t give them discount, we are giving enough respect to them, then why we never trust the world for our sister/wife’s safety and let them face the world without any personal attention!! Why we never feel ashamed in hurting and ditching a girl but shouting and spreading bad images about her when she revert in the same manner. Today, in this world, why most of us demand for a boy child rather then a girl child. In many developing country including India, we always see girls with unequal eyes, why we can’t trust on them. In developing country, some people started worrying about girl’s marriage from the day,when a girl child born. Here most wondering outcome is that girl’s home is most dangerous place for her. In backward and developing countries, girls are always treated secondary, they are beaten badly at homes, they are the one who always asked to compromise and do sacrifices, our society discreditably abuse girls at simple mistakes. The global sex ratio is 105 boys for 100 girls, Then why in India girls ratio is as low as 750 girls for 1000 boys in some parts!! About 10 million female fetuses aborted in India and  more than 5,00,000 female foetuses are being aborted every year.

Every year, more than half a million women die as a result of pregnancy or childbirth complications, including about 70,000 girls and young women aged 15 to 19. According to psychologist Susan Fiske, Men are more likely to view women as sex objects after seeing sexy images. About 1 of 3 girls may be a victim of sexual assaults. Only 39% of rapes and sexual assaults were reported to law enforcement official. 75% of male and 55% of female students involved in date rape using drinking or drugs. most of the rape(more than 50%) happen for age below 18 years. A U.N. Population Fund report claimed that up to 70 per cent of married women aged 15-49 in India are victims of beatings or coerced sex.

Women aged 14 to 24 experience the highest per capita rate of intimate partner violence, 42% of rape victims told no one about the assault and only 5% reported to police. We use religion to dominate, subservient, abuse and kill women all under the guise of religious doctrine. Domestic violence is the leading cause of homelessness for women.  An estimated 33% to 50%  women are battered at some point in their lives. Womens bear the brunt of substance abuse by others.  At many places people use to kill girls infants. Even governments is not having strict laws to protect them. These types of person should be killed on the spot.

Dowry is a big stubborn abuse to nearly all countries, hitting major areas around south Asia and other Muslim countries. In a survey, 70% parents reported dealing of dowry by marriage agents. Its really very shameful to know that dowry is outcome of bourgeois mentality of parents and their relatives. Nearly 80% of unmarried men and women told that they will not take dowry.  In Asian countries, dowry is taken as one of the traditional of marriage and it is taken as part of marriage ceremony. The disease has spread so fast that girls parents don’t have any choice except paying for that. Boy’s parents are taking dowry as a big chance to drive money. In my view, dowry is same as selling the girl for life time. Some people are quite free to accept western culture of love marriages but it is bad to know that even in love marriages their is concept of dowry(I don’t know why they call it love then?). No doubt, if love exists then love marriages are quite better(if it is acceptable) but due to associated excitements many girls just trapped by guys and others just given up their life without realizing that its love or not. Sometimes, girls don’t want their parents to throw any money in the name of marriage, that also force them to move to this step even though they know that guy is not the perfect match for her. I just wanted to share a past experience, I tried to convince my old friend to put a report against dowry demanded by boy’s party. He refused with comments that it may affect the girls life!! Because not only he, every one else, surrounding that cultural or geographical boundary takes dowry!! Many guys started marrying only to get that lump sum of money. I can’t ever believe that their can be any Love, if the relation are bound with dowry. Result can not be fruitful, there will be NO LOVE. If  I would have fleeced money on my marriage to a girl I love, then surely I can’t ever able to make honest eye contact with her!! So if you are from guy’s end then remember some thousands/lacs of money can steal your brother/son’s happiness for lifetime.

As our world started advancing, their is need for strong bound of Love and Affection because the season of sacrifice and compromise and bearing is moving on. We need to accept the change and necessity of love in our life. Dowry Problem is so severe that western country already trying to put it in legal terms like USA state Dept. already warning citizens at “DOWRY/VISA DEMANDS” section about traveling to India for marriages.

Women-owned businesses are booming then Why do women’s still earn less than man. In workforce, Two out of every three working women have no pension. Illiteracy ratio of women is quite high in comparison to male some of the reasons may be : lack of time, family responsibilities, lack of motivation, poverty, opposition by husbands, and difficulty to access where literacy classes are taught.

Women should understand one thing that government body has empowered them for their safety and security concerns with numerous biased law and regulations, we believe that women’s statement is always judged heavier. But unfortunately, some womens are misusing biased legal laws and abusing women class. With the awareness of law, case of husband harassment, blackmailing(for Bangalore there is a number to support victim husbands:3500895, Tuesdays and Fridays, 7 p.m. to 9 p.m.) are increasing day by day.

According to Hindu religion, every women contains some part of Adi Shakti (Adi shakti is energy which generates entire universe). They are very powerful. There power may not be physical, but there woe have the power to  destroy anyone.  Women are having “emotional power, which is miles ahead from physical strength. According to Vedas and other religions. Most important place in this world is of  ‘mother’.

Most of us may be still commenting that now a days they face same problems with girls. Just to update, all fingers are not equal, so creating view points by interacting with some of them is not logical. Many readers return with the comment that we are aware with the situation but we can’t do anything!! Really!! This world is made of you, you are educated enough to inspire everyone else, its your duty to be a messenger and root out the evil. Come on, only we can make a better tomorrow. Lets have a new dawn of indiscriminate world.  Lets give women a gift of new beautiful world. If ‘we improve’ then whole world can..

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