Why Love Happens?

It is important to know that there is some strong logic behind any strong relationship apart from romantic lines in your palm :-). At subtle level – we are having many thousands Nadi in our body. When a particular nadi near our heart get activated then we may fall in love. However from gross prospective – following seems to be possible reasons.

  1. Soul to Soul Connection: Some soul has power to choose their parents to come on the planet. So they choose two people regardless of compatibility and it generated so strong bonding that it seems that they can’t live without each other. However, when that soul entered into the planet then realization will happen and love evaporates instantly. This happen in more than 10% cases.
  2. There is some complicate relation with relevance to past life which result into strong affection.
  3. Lack of Love also results into falling for someone. It is more like emotional dependency.
  4. Karma impact: Some past impressions which resulted into you going through all these.
  5. Your life is meant to be associated with your life partner.
  6. Due to obligation and deep respect.
  7. You are more likely to fall for partners if they look alike your parent or in some cases ancestors.
  8. Someone is highly spiritual and wanted to settle and you take on vibes.
  9. Miscellaneous.

So I wanted to say that it is not very obvious to fall for pretty girls or smart hunks. Somewhere it has to happen. You have to go through it. But interestingly if you see from the list in very rare cases it should result into prolonged relationship (5).

When you are in Love..

Don’t fall in love – rise in love 🙂

Love is the basis of our existence. Our mind is a big chemical factory – it can generate from life saving chemicals to poison.  However, we need not to bother about chemical composition; Whatever reflect on body-mind complex; same is reflected in form of chemicals. In Brief norepinephrine make you feel presence of special one (changing of breath pattern, heart rate, body temperature and instant joy etc) which lead to release of dopamine (drug impact – you stop listening to others/disconnect/can’t see any juice in anywhere else than him/her) – He is perfect prince/princess and Oxytocin says that my mate is best in the world and I can’t live without him/her and finally Testosterone may work to bring physically together. Phew…

“Love with selfishness or love for individual pleasure, sooner or later will bring misery and heart break”

When someone’s presence make you different than what you naturally are, when your breath pattern changes; you become more conscious. Heart may pump faster. Then it indicates that you are attached to that person.

How to know that you are ready to marry your special one.


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