January 19, 2016

Why Love Happens?

It is important to know that there is some strong logic behind any strong relationship apart from romantic lines in your palm :-). At subtle level – we are having many thousands Nadi in our body. When a particular nadi near our heart get activated then we may fall in love. However from gross prospective – following seems to be possible reasons.

  1. Soul to Soul Connection: Some soul has power to choose their parents to come on the planet. So they choose two people regardless of compatibility and it generated so strong bonding that it seems that they can’t live without each other. However, when that soul entered into the planet then realization will happen and love evaporates instantly. This happen in more than 10% cases.
  2. There is some complicate relation with relevance to past life which result into strong affection.
  3. Lack of Love also results into falling for someone. It is more like emotional dependency.
  4. Karma impact: Some past impressions which resulted into you going through all these.
  5. Your life is meant to be associated with your life partner.
  6. Due to obligation and deep respect.
  7. You are more likely to fall for partners if they look alike your parent or in some cases ancestors.
  8. Someone is highly spiritual and wanted to settle and you take on vibes.
  9. Miscellaneous.

So I wanted to say that it is not very obvious to fall for pretty girls or smart hunks. Somewhere it has to happen. You have to go through it. But interestingly if you see from the list in very rare cases it should result into prolonged relationship (5).

When you are in Love..

Don’t fall in love – rise in love 🙂

Love is the basis of our existence. Our mind is a big chemical factory – it can generate from life saving chemicals to poison.  However, we need not to bother about chemical composition; Whatever reflect on body-mind complex; same is reflected in form of chemicals. In Brief norepinephrine make you feel presence of special one (changing of breath pattern, heart rate, body temperature and instant joy etc) which lead to release of dopamine (drug impact – you stop listening to others/disconnect/can’t see any juice in anywhere else than him/her) – He is perfect prince/princess and Oxytocin says that my mate is best in the world and I can’t live without him/her and finally Testosterone may work to bring physically together. Phew…

“Love with selfishness or love for individual pleasure, sooner or later will bring misery and heart break”

When someone’s presence make you different than what you naturally are, when your breath pattern changes; you become more conscious. Heart may pump faster. Then it indicates that you are attached to that person.

How to know that you are ready to marry your special one.


Ending a relationship and Heartbreaks

January 19, 2016

“Whatever is yours will always be yours. Anything that goes away was never yours before also.”

Crores of people go through heartbreaks. So it is not you ( you is just reference for ease of writing). This article is intended to make traumatic situation into very smooth step by step transition to freedom. However, this knowledge should be respected and should not be used to break marriage or related lifetime bond.

Heartbreaks need to be very well managed. It can be moderately painful to severe impact.

However, it has positive side also.

When the bud breaks, it becomes a flower. When the heart breaks, the love becomes divine.”

Lets talk about advantages.
1. Burning of Heartbreaks will purify you. You will come out as much better and sensitive person.
2.Eventually,you will start respecting other gender.
3. It will help you in spiritual  growth. You will want to realize the truth of life and you are done with play of Maya (World Illusion). From that point your life may take U turn.
4. 90% people were happy and right that at right time, they are detached from relationship.
5. Come what may, It can’t kill you.6. It will burn lots lots of Karma.

Recovering from HeartBreaks

When heart breaks you need not to manage emotions; heart breaks are physical and you need to manage your health first; otherwise it can take a toll on your health. You may get emotional stress at conscious and sub-conscious level and brain will generate lots of toxin to damage it further. Your mind can start running too much.

However, managing will take care of most of the negative impacts. This is like sure-shot formula to come over it; tried and tested many times. However, it is NOT only this practice but consistent DISCIPLINE will take you out of misery.

“Pain is inevitable; but suffering is optional”
1. We recommend total cutoff from your loved ones. Block everywhere, throw away all memories and don’t respond to call. If you want you can share last message as “I am not angry with you, but I have to look at my life so we are not going to talk for some time. Good Bye”. Yes, it is brave and challenging. Your mind will create idea to skip and make your miserable. SAVE YOURSELF. If you are not going to do this, no one can save you from misery. Sooner or later you have to do it.

2. Most Important and Life saver is to do Transforming Emotions Meditation in the morning and at night when pain is unbearable. Plugin in earphone (or download Sattva app – search for Transforming emotions)

2. Detach your emotions from people. See what is happening in your body.

3. Disha Pranam – It is special technique; can be learned from Art of Living Faculty. This technique will relieve from painful emotions through power of surrender. Extremely easy.

4.Do Sadhana and continue practicing centeredness. It is time for Spiritual Advance level course like Art of Silence program or Vipasana. Straw pranayam, Alternate Nostril Breathing helps. Breath is the interlink between body, mind and emotions. So working on breath will surely help.

5. Love is most precious divine  gift. Nobody except enlightened one deserves love. Enlighten one will not let you suffer. So even though you felt you love is best in the world it is actually zero; just the illusion.

6. Come what may don’t look into the past – Everything is happening in present moment; dead moments don’t hold any values.

7. Don’t be a beggar and stop worrying too much about your ex: Don’t let heart be a beggar. It is the time to regain strength like a lion and move forward. VERY IMPORTANT: Don’t go into chain of heart breaks by expectation of return – i.e. wanting love, attention, respect or anything from that person who hurt you! In Spirituality – it is called getting stuck into pattern. YOU ARE ORDERING TONS OF MORE MISERY.

8.  Don’t Hurt yourself or Others:  As we read earlier – it has a reason. So don’t hurt yourself even if its unbearable and don’t hurt or blame others.

9. Don’t live alone.  You anytime require help.

10. Don’t be in dark or enjoying pain – Let the heart do whatever it want to do. If you notice – things will go worse at night. You should keep doing whatever you want to;don’t give it free time or living in dark. If you have pain then most dangerous thing is enjoying your pain. No keep moving don’t wait for pain to take over you.

11. Crying is natural detoxifier – Whether you are guy or girl. Cry often; it detoxify and relive immediately. It is natural treatment.12. Listening to Trans and Party songs can help. Beats are like pain killers 😀 It let your mind be in present. Celebration can help. You need not to be depressed at all. Dancing is Good emotionally/detoxifying

13. Prayer will help. You believe it or not – all prayer reach to the divine.

14. Keep yourself extremely busy See this video again and again Mending a Broken Heart

15. Healthy flirting will uplift the emotional aspect or hanging out with friends

16. Avoid dangerous ways: Taking support of Alcohol/Addiction/Sex should be avoided. Also, finding another partner to replace current one can be very dangerous.

If still things go out of control contact physiologist/psychiatrist. But you recover for a better life.
Remember, things will be healed by time and grace. Time and Grace are the biggest healer and you will surely be the better person than past. Give Divine an opportunity to do yet you need to follow what is mentioned above 🙂

Love and Relationship

January 19, 2016

Entering into a relationship

Relationship are not meant to give you joy or happiness. So underline fact is all relationship may give pain sooner and later. If you see any real famous love story; it ended with disaster. It is survived by Attachment(Moha) which is distorted form of pure love.

However, it can be turned around depending mainly on maturity and sensibility of your partner and his/her interest in healthy relationship.

It is advisable to enter into a relationship only when you are intending to settle. Yes, healthy flirting (no string attached) and having friendliness will develop the personality. We should be practical to understand the difference between real life and reel life (movies).

If reasons like feeling lonely/emptiness/ not receiving love/craving for physical needs/revenge should not lead into a relationship. So if its free from causes then it is pure and long lasting.

However, same should not stop you from entering a relationship as it can be well managed. To manage negative impact following practices are most important.

1. Practicing Meditation/Sudarshan Kriya etc daily – Meditation will help in detaching from the world and regain the self. Its simple breathing technique yet extremely powerful and give emotional and mental strength. It instantly relieve and reset your state of mind as Happy and Cheerful.

2. Centerdness or Dispassion: Centerdness is to be centered amid all activities. You are complete as a whole. Your centeredness is challenged often and you have to regain it again and again. It is such a bliss which protect you from all sorrow.

4.  Focus on maturing relationship instead of arguing – Nobody is perfect; there will be differences. Respecting differences of individuals and accepting the way they are is very important. Talking out may not help. Relations are not based on intellectual thoughts.

Love and Marriage
“Greatest Love of the world can die.”
Love is never ever sufficient for a person to marry. If you love someone today there is no guarantee that love will remain in near future. It can happen one day you get up and all affection toward your loved ones disappear instantly. But Love may be important initiation.

Love is juice to take marriage to next level but marriage only work on commitment. Quality of Marriage depend on maturity of love and partner. Master’s or Divine love is of highest maturity and then parent’s etc.

Maturity grows with deep understanding and sensibility and giving space for growth and support. Finally, marriage should lead to Spiritual upliftment.

My father asked me- who is important. Your parents or Wife. I told – Parents. Then my father said – No its wife; because with the wife you are about to spend major part of life.

So it is very important to know if the partner is right for marriage. If you are blessed by having Enlightened Guru; then best will come to you. You just need to realize or you can Ask.)

You can do reality check: Keep love aside and see is your partner is emotionally, physically and spiritually compatible with you. Without biased mind, are you ready to take on your whole life with him/her even if there is no love!

Many people don’t know that marriage is precious to uplift spiritually. Marrying a right partner will make your life/otherwise it will make you philosopher 🙂

All said and done – it is also true as per luck for some people; marrying may not be good choice. So it is not always mandatory.

Sometimes you may have to end a relations and bear heart breaks.

God’s Plan

If we see God’s plan in Love – You will understand it is a noble deed. Heart breaks actually intended to prevent/preserve relationship and mature it. There is a virtual bond and breaking this bond will make it painful that’s why you value your partner so much.

Love bonding will help in naturally caring/loving/respecting partner without efforts. It will help in strengthening marriage.

Fornication and Adultry are very costly and dangerous affair. For pleasure of few moments taking life long risk is not the intelligent way to live life. It should be strictly avoided. Virginity is given too much significance ; in half of the world (all muslim contries, China, India etc) – virginity is linked to bachelor’s character and very important critera for arrange marriage. However, life starts from this moment so it should not lead to regret.

Similarly many people say that physical union also make emotional bonding. If you see – When couple unites then there are chances of new soul to enter into the planet. Now if parents do have bonding then they can raise child effectively.