Beyond The Illusion

Attention: This is very important knowledge. Please prefer reading in parts.

In Asian region there is a proverb “Everything is an illusion”. So if everything in the world is illusion then what is real!! – it is the absolute truth!! Is that mean whatever we see my friends, family all objects, home which felt very concrete are illusion? We will figure it out in this article.

We perceive world with 5 senses. Currently we can’t go beyond 5 senses – so whatever senses can perceive that we feel is “real”. E.g. for cats and dogs world is black and white. So it can not be discarded that world can have lot more than we see/feel!! There are many example like Mobile – hmm.. there are some waves which we can’t see.. thank god otherwise we will be heavily disturbed by the traffic :).

Lets keep the topic here only and come to the one who is reading this message. It is very important to know ourselves first. Lets discover who are we

Who Am I (without spiritual context): If you see the vast universe there are lakhs of galaxies and each galaxy has lakhs of solar systems and each solar system is having many planets apart from this one planet is our earth. So earth is simply not even a size of bacteria which can not be seen by eyes.. it is so so small. Now, it is easy to conclude our existence – telling negligible is bit more.. we are nothing literally nothing – If someone is looking at whole universe then we can never be seen! So every time when you feel you are bla bla bla.. look at an ant and say oh.. considering this universe I am smaller than you. It is strange – we feel that we are quite big, huge.. specially body builders and one having good height will argue.. but alas! Its true.. you are nothing.. accept it..

So what make us feel special when we are nothing!! Our Ego. Highest possible number is googleplex – 1 followed by 100 zeros. I tell you – Ego magnify us even far more than this.. It make us feel that we exist and we are so big.. we are something bla bla bla.. I tell you .. You are nothing .. wake up from the illusion created by ego. Look at the fraction of Universe below.. the very small dot is our milky wave.. it is not possible to represent anything further.. even that too a fraction of universe.


But how ego is playing a trick and magnify it ??

  Happy to see you.. Magic of Ego. I am sure it is very big eye opener to people who think that they are at top of the universe or who think they are something.. I again repeat it.. you are nothing.. but not insignificant! It is strange to say that when we are so small then what make us insignificant. Most of the thing we see is the illusion including the fact that we are in our body. Stop scratching your head.. You need not to think too much about it as at spiritual path(if you are lucky); you will realize it. Currently, take it for granted. Whatever you can perceive right now is not even 10% of the Truth! So whatever you see may be false!! It is the game of Maya(the Illusion). Everyone in the earth is for specific purpose and purpose is NOT to feed myself and handle my family! Not at all – we are not additional weight and consumer of this earth. But foolishly, people spend whole life without ever understanding their significance!

 We have already seen the illusion of ego – Now feel that if you don’t have or very minute ego then you will come out of certain illusion. Whatever appears to be mine is actually God’s and God has given you to use that for very small amount of time(our lifetime). Even your enemy is not very different from you as it is the game of God everywhere and we are God’s children.

 Now apart from ego, there is another very powerful factors which create magic and save the illusion – That is our senses and supremely Sex. Most of the forms we see – fashion. Love, jealousy, hatred, advertisement, movies, dating etc is based on Sex. So in one way it is create us bigger fools! If you see with unbiased view – Sex is hindering us and make the opposite sex important for us! We feel attraction, attachment.lust etc. Which is certainly not true. Also in the bigger term attraction is also part of Maya – The illusion.


So now it is time to focus on our second biggest enemy – Maya – The illusion. What is illusion – It is primary created by five senses. We can only perceive which is in the scope of five senses. Obviously things are beyond this .. for example mobile phone . Five senses together create illusion of this world as totally different entities. However, quantum physics says that all are made of energy(wave function); but for us all things are different!! Isn’t it odd!

Now lets see at some of the illusion –

Eyes: We think that eyes can see the thing. When you start thinking of something then also image come to your mind – through eyes your mind perceive and also without eyes – mind perceive!

Senses are responsible for creating the whole world! Senses triggers desire – we want to eat delicious fruits, see the beauty so on and so forth.

One of our most important thing which give happiness is Desire!!! Wait – It seems like it does.

Nature of Desire: All desires are having one goal – to give some happiness. Someone may argue that no some of my desire is for loved ones e.g. My daughter should get married and should get good husband. Now if we see that it is related to daughter not you.. but its wrong – it is related to you. You are asking for your loved ones because their happiness contribute to yours. So directly/ indirectly all desire aim happiness but ALAS! No desire can ever give you happiness.

Nature of Desire – Illusion View

Nature of Desire Illusion View

Nature of Desire Illusion View

 It is quite evident that desire seems to give us lots of money, luxury etc – but mostly are in materialistic expect. However, unfortunately all materialistic aspects may atmost lead to momentary pleasure but not happiness.

It seems that you don’t agree with this statement. Okey, let me get the truth out of you. Till today your hundreds of desire might have fulfilled – So are you at top of the world? NO! Why NO! Because once that desire completed; it left you empty. Nature of Desire is like Mirage. The moment you desire got completed then all vanished. Lets take my recent example – Today I was having desire to eat a mango. I have done it.. after few mins.. taste vanished! No happiness – its just fed the stomach!


Nature of Desire – Real View

Nature of Desire – Real View

Okey! So desire don’t lead to happiness – but however it lead to pleasure and there is no side effect!! Hmm.. sorrow, pain, ego, arrogance, jealousy, depression, stress, worries, frustration, irritation, attachment, lust and many more evils are generated out of desire. How? Lets see some example

JEALOUSY: When you think that some one is richer than you in any aspect – your desire that why is so – why I am not that much rich will lead to Jealousy!

DEPRESSION: There are many types of depression – Will discussion one or two: Depression due to emotional disturbance – Lets say, you proposed your loved one and he/she rejected bluntly or even though accepted but relation is not going well – So in any case, you feel lots of pain and you keep on blaming other(your probable partner) – why he/she did this.. how can.. bla bla bla.. your minds keep on running through instant loops(useless ofcourse) and you waste major amount of your life by being in that depression phase! So your desire of fixing relationship or getting your loved one has given you depression. Similarly if you failed in exam and people started teasing you – You caught in depression!

LUST: As Swami Vivekananda Rightly said that world is driven by Sex and Ego. Lust is evolved when we see the other person as an object and not a living things and that triggers into want to get him/her. It is something like we are having an object and I need to grab it!! Lust is very strong sensation(feverishness) which is very dangerous in nature – it will not only corrupt your mind but also your ethics, nature,values, being etc! Lust is having sensation or I would say feverishness – which lead to many evils. As mentioned above – it trigger from desire to get that object!

Worry: Worry is directly related to desire. Oh God! Please make this happen..please make this happen. In my view, worrying is waste of time. Yet I need to mention that taking care and worry is difference. If you take care of something – that thought do not keep on repeating in your mind and don’t give you stress. That is very well in your control. Worry is also very dangerous and it may ruin our lives.

Enough examples!! So desire is also root cause of many evils! So do you mean to say that we should not have any dreams! No desire! Nothing!! What will be life then.. I tell you then it will be totally bliss! But there is an exception – In Kalyug, you need to maintain something. But the feverishness associated with desire should be thrown out. Its good if desire is fulfilled but its okey if it does not!

Settle down by Knowing that you are MOST POWERFUL “entity”

When we talk about powerful – first thought come to our mind is Energy. Everything you see is made of God energy including you. So you are directly related to god energy. So you are most powerful. It is ignorance that you don’t realize your power – live with your negativity and ego and don’t work on spiritual practices – let everything will be hidden from you! the joy you get out of  thousands bottles of wines/ smoking for many hours/ intimacy, winning billion dollars or getting your loved one is nothing in comparison to one moment of bliss. So if you think that these things give you happiness then think again

It is childish to get any materialistic goal – because things are available in abundance! Because everything is in your hand – If you haven’t read and watched video of “The Secret” then do it – don’t stuck in foolishness – it surely works! Human has the power to traverse through energy. Don’t spend time in understanding it. Knowing the fact that you are most powerful will settle down and will fill you with contentment and satisfaction. You don’t feel so??? It is again because of illusion. But materialistic goals is essential; most important thing is spiritual goal. I don’t believe that you should not have anything and yet you are on spiritual path! Nope! You should be rich in every prospects – with only exception that you realize that everything in your hand and your thinking is making the world – that will be at very high spiritual level.

What is beyond illusion?

So we talked about many illusion – our senses, desire, wandering mind etc. so what is beyond illusion – The truth or I would say the absolute truth. Simple way of finding absolute truth is which remains “same always”. So starting counting now, your body, your lovely home, your luxury car, your spouse, mother in law etc are not truth(don’t be happy!!). So what is it – only our soul, air, ether, emptiness!! It also include – love, peace, happiness!! Which is always available.. yet you need to realize its existence. No pain is not.. because today or the other day you get out of it.. I left everything else as an exercise for you to discover.

One more important thing – if you believe that knowing nature of desire, illusion, ego you will be able to overcome all your miseries then you are wrong! It will surely help – but apart from knowledge you require practical approach about dealing with it. It seems to be very difficult – but fortunately god made it very simple – do Art of Living Basic Course; you practically started realizing that!

Are you putting weight on earth?

No, I am not may be dinosaurs/elephant are heavier..

I just met a friend – he told that we should be good human being; he further elaborated that “good” means one who don’t do bad to others! WRONG good means who do good for others! Everything in the world is for some purpose. Obvious enough our journey may be many thousands years long but it is very important to understand what are we contributing to the society? Many people spend whole life in dealing with family stuff and leave the world silently! They feel that their contributing is toward their family! No! Not at all! You are much more useful then this! Wake up and see god has made you fortunate enough to help less fortunate. You should be grateful for divine for giving you so much! Shamefully we keep on craving for very small things and blaming luck or god! No stop it! Wake up you are luckier than atleast 70-80% people around the world. You should involve yourself in uplifting others. See a tree is far more useful – it gives you shelter, recycle air and even if you throw stone – it will give you fruits! You should be useful for the society; a warning – if you feel that you should have enough for your family and then you will think about others .. I am afraid ; that day will never come! You are highest creation of the divine to do highest level of work! stop craving for small things and worry about big things! Repeat with me “Desire can never give you happiness”! Understood! Don’t be one in the crowd! Be the only ONE for the crowd!

You will realize “Joy of Giving”! If you never did that .. do it atleast 4-5 times – fortunately, today’s world will give you hundreds of chances to serve others. If you keep sticking to your small “I”.. you will continue to do forever. Everyone in the world is yours! Wake and see many of us need you! Stop Craving start Giving.


Q. So you mean to say that having billions of dollars is not real Happiness; it is merely pleasure.

Ans: Exactly.

Q: Every Spiritual person is much more happy than us! I am practicing yoga/meditation for some time.. no impact.

Ans: Yes, Spiritual people are much more happy than ignorant one. Ofcourse you may be practicing yoga/meditation – but you should look at it as seed – It takes time to root out. Once  done it will only go up and up.

Q. Okey! Is Spirituality the only way for the extreme happiness?

Ans: Don’t care. You know about one profound way which is complete in itself; you need not to bother about alternative! Listen! We get energy when we connect to the source of energy. Similarly we get happiness when we connect to the source of happiness that is what spirituality is all about!

Q. I am still not convinced that we are so small?

Ans: Let it be.. I can give you hundreds of example e.g. when you climb a mountain – more energy is consumed why? mountain is just very minute part of earth – how elevation is making such difference – because we too are very small. If you think you are big – check your ego

Q.  Do you mean to say that materialistic things don’t have any value – why don’t you donate everything?

Ans: I never said that it don’t have any value – but yes! it don’t lead to happiness.. not extreme atleast! In Kalyuga – people are not at same level so ofcourse you need to be wealthy also but accumulation is bad! I tell you one more thing – If you think that first you will have enough for you then you will share.. then that time will never come in your lifetime – because greed will never let you satisfy! So do share – experience Joy of Giving. On the other hand – if you don’t have anything then you will keep on struggling for your basic needs and that will not keep you in peace. Mostly, you have enough to share with less fortunate.

Q. I understood, that we are almost nothing.. but don’t you think it leads to depression

Ans: No! It lead to realization thinking that we are so small and our problem is smaller this will make us feel relaxed and we can enjoy more.. don’t you see butterfly! Ego is also main cause of depression.

Q. How should we take life?

Life should be taken very lightly(as we are) and celebrate fully; it can be seen as an interesting game; once we started realizing we are the king. Try to save your mind at any cost 🙂

Q.  Okey, I want other people to realize it! How can we do it?

Ans: I am fortunate enough to send the correct message. Please pass on and share it with everyone else. Post it as your chat status, share in facebook/twitter, linked-in, orkut or any other social network, txt people :: atleast you should forward to person who think that they are having BIG problems.your little contribution can make world a better place.


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