Fire on Ice

flaming post like this is the need of time! It is intended to awake you and again make you alive. Please forgive us for being harsh.

Today public forum’s and answer community are flooded with “What is happening to this world”/ ” Why human are getting crazy”/ “I am too much depressed” / ” Is their any suicidal forum” /  “When god will destroy and establish dharma again”/  “My life ruined – I lost my love” / “Society is killing our freedom” / “Why relations are stressful”

It is the common answers to all fools who never realize themselves that they are actually a doll.

We are the intelligent “dolls”:

We are letting everyone to play with our life and we actually act like a doll.

It is very true – Lets take daily life of typical married gentleman  “Smith” – having good wife and good job. We refer “Smith” as “I”(i.e. reader) to make close association.

I tried to wake up early.. snoozing alarm clock many times — that time sleep was ruling us.

Even after opening my eyes – I wait .. oh its too cold.. lets stay some more time in bed. That time I have given control to the laziness.

Laziness released me after sometime.. then I started thinking about charismatic girls/guys or our goal and now given control to emotions..

After getting ready – strong desire of getting good breakfast. If nothing found at home then tried burger, snacks or some light breakfast. . that should be delicious – This time we have given control to desire. Now suddenly I realized its time to worship. Started reading Prayer with 200 words/ min speed and constantly looking at clock. At last finished.

Tried to catch office bus.. but got late.. started shouting, looking angrily to the alarm clock – shouting at the spouse for not preparing breakfast on time.. bla bla bla – This time I have given control to Anger.

Angrily I have taken my bike/car on the road and then stopped for few minutes at traffic light – turned engine off(let’s save the world – go green). Even before turning it green – people started blowing horn.. I tried quickly to turn it on .. but it took 5-10 seconds.. people started abusing for stopping in middle and that impacted my mood and my whole day lost – This time I have given control to them.

At office, one of my beloved colleague is not in good mood and haven’t given attention to me- I felt sad and keep thinking about it throughout the day – what is wrong with her.. sent email  to her but no response. Intensified anger .. Manager’s email popped up stating status of yesterday’s task – now stressed – Given control to Stress. Started worrying — let’s do something today. After working for 1 hour on yesterday’s task dropping an email – Yes I have done this this work and now I am working on remaining.  Sorry for the delay.

Now rashly started checking emails  – found one client meeting after 15 min!! Tried to open document but slow system! hang.. pressed Ctrl + Alt+ Del nothing happened.. started cursing God — “You made me unlucky- troubled spouse, bad job.. I worship you DAILY then also.. what have I done wrong!”. Seen missed call of spouse. I am having 5 mins to release my anger – Called spouse and shouted – ” How many times I have to tell you that DON’T CALL ME IN OFFICE TIME” – replied – ” will you behave properly? You missed your tiffin at dinning table.. I care so much about you and you started shouting..(weeping sound) “.. remaining 4 mins in explaining sorry.

At lunch time – At office mess – started taking lunch.. too much spicy.. started gazing with anger to the cook and then tried to eat. Luckily that time, in front of me- very beautiful girl with hot dress. I keep on looking at her, her movement, her body and started enjoying .. after sometime food is over.. I haven’t even realized.. but still waiting .. let her finish the food.. so started doing gossiping. Suddenly, she looked at me with anger and moved with a “huh” sound .. It made me sad. With heavy heart I started washing hand. That time I have given control to that stranger(that girl).

Things are almost same for everyone bits and pieces here and there. About 70-80% of us are not living our life – We are a doll and giving remote control to others.

Lets take brief analysis of above mentioned routing – I am sure many of you can relate to it(atleast 50%).

1. There was no happiness – kept running for pleasure(food, beautiful girl etc.) and got nothing.

2. Expressing anger, stress, keeping expectation etc were totally useless.

3. We never thank God for giving such a beautiful day and giving us such a beautiful life – instead of this started looking at what is wrong and cursing God!

4. Worship need to be done by heart – it is NOT for showing god that hey buddy I have done worship task now you have to take care of me. Got it!

5. We do lots of unnecessary act without focusing on actual task.

6. Lastly – All problems are with me NOT by this world on environment.

7. We don’t have any control over ourself – We act like a doll.

8. We are depressed because we don’t love ourself – We put ourself at end

9. We don’t ever acknowledge for whatever we are having.. but we keen on feeling bad for whatever we are not getting.

10. We never give time to ourself. If someone ask me – Are you living for yourself-  No! I am living for my family, my parents.. they will say.. for my children etc.

11. We make our relationship and our life suffer – No one else in the world can do. Think again! How anyone in the world can impact me(if I learn to take my control in my hand).

12. We are only taking breath and NOT living..  celebrating life is too far; that’s why we started looking for mistakes in others- I am correct, all others are wrong!!

13. We forget our existence.

So on and so forth.

We are very good at giving excuses like.. yes I know everyone is rulling me but this is the day life should be after all desire and feelings are everything and we should pursue it!! WRONG absolutely WRONG – If you think this the in harsh term you are actually a slave.

Depression and Suffering

Now further stating, depression, suicidal thoughts, sadness everything arises due to our slave nature – we want “something” to make us happy. I lost my friends/ my love/ my close relatives – they were everything for me .. bla bla bla.. First you have created relations. Obviously enough things may not work out always – Not you are suffering because of that .. its okey to suffer but it is very shameful to leave hope of living – You are depressed because you have chosen this. As you have chosen it – you can actually get out of this – You are very very strong – more than your imagination. You forgot this, remember everything is changing and this moment – that you are depressed and all will also change. I will give you a simple clue – when you are depressed then heart will take you further down to the depression and you started enjoying that “pain” which is actually suicidal! So stand up, get up – you lost something, someone hurt your expectation etc – so what, life is not finished – lets throw all these worry to heck and face current beautiful world; weeping and getting yourself down will not help – If you look forward and you know that things will change then everything around you will change and mind will uplift you and that will convert you into your greatest learning! Another hint – surrender: Let me tell you one more secret, We are standalone- we don’t possess anything, no one can impact us unless we want. Most important it, actually we can’t do anything without GOD. God is always with us for supporting us – thousands of time – our life is saved due to God. But we are foolish enough to forget this glory and never acknowledge god. I tell you another thing – If you are depressed then pray God with full heart, do atleast meditation, yoga and Pranayam. Don’t let that crap thought that someone made you suffer – which is completely false(read this para again).  If you are Atheist then you are biggest fool. If you are Atheist then tell me a simple thing – “Who is reading this line” – that’s more than enough to prove existence of God. I tell you even if no one in the world tell us that God exist – we knows because this awareness is in our nature. Something bad might have happened so may be we are very angry with God that is widely know reason. Very important thing, It is not a crime to be depressed as you are hardly having control on it(initially) – talk to your friends, colleague, art of living hopeline and psychiatrist and some knowledgeable person for sake of your life. I can guarantee you that you will feel far far better and you will be happy afterward that you did.

Ask yourself, if someone done bla bla things, or some bla bla things happened – is it the end? Are you so weak!! NO Absolutely not. Foolishly 13-14 year old students are thinking of committing suicide – due to breakup/ failure in exam or dad don’t love me..what happened to them? You haven’t even started living – whole beautiful life is in front of you – How can even think like that. Have you forgot that god exist and he wants you to progress in life – what happened to your goal! Thinking nothing and being slave of depression!

Now we will take a closure look at what is wrong with the world – As per Swami Vivekananda – Now whole world is driven by Sex and Ego. Sex include lust, possessiveness, expectations, crime etc. Ego – include Greed, status, power, dictatorship etc.


Today, it is very important to talk about it as people are abruptly misusing it. Whole world(atleast 90%) moved toward Lust as one of the base of relationship. It is clearly ashamed when people think that you exist in this world only to have sex.  Surely, Now a days it is cheapest pleasure on the cost of someone’s life. It is completely absurd to even relation Love with Lust. Love is our true nature, its at very high level. It is the virtue of our existence.


To be continued..


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