Being a Human

July 19, 2010

Assume that you are having only few days on this earth. Yes! you may be leaving this beautiful earth in next few days.  Stop worrying. Now go!! go ahead and write down all important things remaining in your life and schedule it in next five days!! Go get some paper or open textpad and start writing. Forget everything let the world freeze for the moment only concentrate on writing what you want to do actually. what you feel, just write down. Only after  writing move to next para.

Ok! so you prepared list or still feeling lazy!! It is very important for you. Done!! Hmm. read things once again, have you forgot to include something!! feels yes!! you are still having time add it.

Now take a look at the list. This.. this is the most important thing you need to do, Today. Yes, we keep on procrastinating most important thing due to various personal factors(like fear,anxiety, shyness, ego, arrogance and many others). But now, you may not be having enough time to delay it further very few days left. So take initiative TODAY or suffer forever. Add it to your TODO list for activities to be done after reading this topic.

Congratulations, we may be having little bit more time yes, about a year or so more!! Everyone started claiming of the world transition from Kalyuga to Satyuga in 2012(see videos) and this period is known as SangamYug – Last 100 years of transition, which is mostly at its end.

There can be many reasons : Solar maximum(Solar Flares), Mayan Calendar, Bible Code(Armageddon and , Predictions from the lost book of Nostradamus, Planet-X Nibiru Strike, Galactic Alignment(Shifting of poles)) or any other. But we will still think all these things are wrong.. it is just for the sake of our convenience.

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So in 2014 we(ok.. some of us.. ) will be in Satyuga(Golden Age)!! Aha!! The period of our dream. The period where the word security, dishonesty, jealousness, greed, ego, lust does not exist. Everyone feel the same way others do.. Happiest ever, no difference between status.  All are happy and everything is very smooth. All of us are united with the divine love and eternal happiness. Stress free secured life.. everyone know their responsibility and they are managing without any pain!!

Do you want to be a part of this perfect period?  For most of us it may be the best dream. Yes! it is. But it was true and it is going to be true again..

So lets make the list why our world is not like that —

Everyone is greedy people know only “Money”.. many of them can do anything for it. Corrupted leaders!! People have no fear of god, in lying, being dishonest, betray someone, breaking hearts.

Everyone wanted to become bigger, richer. Money is considered as status symbol!! Level of self respect gone down.. ego and arrogance at its best, hashing natural resources. Fighting for regions but NOT for humanity and many more.

Phew!! too big list. Many of us including me believe that there was period of Satyuga – Golden Age. We have seen destructing factors!! but what about common factors!!

At Satyug(Golden Age). world is driven by humans. Yes!! completely like us and yet they able to get lots lots of happiness. Wait!! Have I written “like us”.. are they having some trails? We feel that they are same.. human.. .with in general, two legs, two eyes, two ears, one nose but yes they are far different than us. NO not in physical appearance, but in values.

When we started jotting down cause of the problem, we forgot the biggest cause. It is us. Yes! we!! we don’t want to change ourself, forget about others!! We don’t even understand that we are so corrupted now. Are we having same thoughts when we were 5-6 year old child!! NO!! Why?

Because we adjusted to be a part of this corrupted world and started contributing to it. Shameful.. but true. Actually world is not making us, we are making this world.

We don’t want to change ourself and still keep on cursing others – how many times you realized that you don’t have rights to laugh on others because that person is more skilled? We are too lazy, we wanted God to destroy earth and do the needful but We, as a person will NEVER change!!

It is always easy to fall but difficult to rise.

I recalled a small story:
Once upon a time, Dr. Sunil was practicing in a small town. He got the case of a teenager who turned into chain smoker and having smoking problem. Dr told him to come tomorrow.. On the next day, Dr. repeated the same thing.. come tomorrow. After a month or so, doctor given prescription and suggested him solution. Everyone was in wonder!! What miracle happened today!! Patient’s father asked doctor – Doctor if you were already aware about the solution, why you haven’t helped my son earlier! Doctor replied – At that time, I was also having smoking problem. Now I left smoking!

The simple meaning – Improvement of the whole world starts with-in.

Ok! got enough lecture; lets concentrate on how can I make things better or as an alternative, how can I add to improvement.

You might have thought in one of the similar way. But I believe this article may be the first one to give a clear insight of the fact that how difficult and yet how easy, it is to be a human. What is expected from us. Why god has created such an intelligent species. Among all these problems, this uneven world what we are actually expected to do and lot more.


Taking brief into account.

Does God really exists?

Who read the heading “Does..”. Who  is reading all these things.. Human.. ok ..  is it your body? NO .. then.. soul? .. soul is neutral and rarely have opinion.. so NOT even soul? then.. ya we are actually made of energy which flow in all of us. I believe that it is combination of good and bad, It is in align with the concept of Chinese Dragons(Yang and Yin). Everyone may be aware about aura – the energy surrounding us. So generally good part can be considered as god and bad part as demon. We are combination of both, but at the end we are having power of taking out the black part.

Why god created human?

Simply, to experience happiness. Ya! Bit odd, but true. God has created us to experience enormous happiness and love, which always exist on world.

So Happiness? what on earth.. biggest joke.. It may be true about 200 years ago or so. Not now, in this fast much uneven world.. lots of pain, broken hearts, greediness, fights, natural calamity and many more mishaps.. god has given us such a bad life..This may be thinking of many of us. But it is NOT true.

Ok.. rather than talking about the whole world, we should drill down to much lower level. We, the human are responsible for most of the things. So it is the time we should revisit expectations from us.

What  is the expectation?

No .. it is not the list of hundreds of element. Simply “Be human”

Being a Human

I feel sorry to say that most of us totally lost our values. No if you are old.. you might have  started abusing modernism. Being modern is not bad. Even I believe that modernism is far better than our past. My interpretation of modernism is to have free thoughts, free from science, free from rituals and free from past. Just what we feel. Modernism is “getting rid of past and enjoying today”.

Idealism may be an abuse but it is very important to experience happiness.

What is human nature? Should we go and ask to the person who keeps on killing each other on name of terrorism, religions, politics.. or borders? No!!

  • Biggest thing can be being HONEST. Yes, Honesty is the biggest thing, even in this world.. it is. Honesty don’t mean honesty to our goal. But Honesty means to be honest to yourself first then others. Truth lies on the base of honesty. You can’t fully enjoy what you have if you are not Honest. Believe it or not if you feel that you are .. then it is obvious there is much more  happiness lies inside us.
  • Caring for others: Believe it or not, caring for other human beings make your life superb. In caring, action should speak louder than world. I want to share one of my recent experience: “One person was pulling his scooter for simple reason ‘No petrol.’ I was on the way, I seen him and put my bike about 100 meters away. I asked him whether I can help you in some way. He replied can you please drop me to nearest petrol pump.  Then we gone in search of petrol pump, after three unsuccessful attempts we got success, it is about 6-7 km from that place. After returning to initial location that person was so amazed, he took his goggles and he insisted ako forced to take me that. He told that I was praying to God for helping me out and God listened to me. I was so amazed, still I don’t know the reason why stopped ath that place. It was not the big thing for me. But it given me enormous happiness that even negligible help can be so important for a person and has god really given me honour to be the messenger!!”
  • One of the biggest problem we have is “ego”. Yes!! The “I” factor. We hardly use the word “We” it is always I factor. This will be covered in the next section.
  • The only thing true about life, it goes on. Every problems/pain increase taste of small happiness.
  • Be witty not betrayer. Sometime, whenever we face problems, we need to think independently about it and solve the problem rather than running away from problem. It will help in both way – If our decision is bad it will add to experience and if it is good, will help us in gaining confidence to pattern selected for decision making for similar types of problem.
  • Respect others, same way you do to yourself.

These things are considerably cheap and should be avoided:

1. Taking other’s advantage – It make you feel that you are not strong enough!
2. Laughing/Criticising at others- We are having so much dirt inside us, we don’t deserve to criticise others and if you are not having any dirt, then you will surely not criticise others.
3.  Trying to show we are bigger and better: Shamefully, we spend most of our life in comparison and making yourself bit bigger than others. We don’t fight for basic requirement, we fight to adjust and even get better than others. Like

My neighbour got luxurious car. I should have one.

James earned so much money, I don’t have. I should try to grow more richer at any cost.

I  will get dirty if I give something to that bagger. Huh.. that low class people.

Why should I apologise on my mistakes.. Huh.. it is acceptable at my level(ya.. I have too much ego).

Why should I thank my recruiter. I deserves that, even far better than that.. Huh ..

Today, I have everything .. it is my hard work, my empire.. I created this NOT god.

Huh that colleague is more skilled and surely get promotion. I should make him down. That is the only way I can touch the success.

All humans are equal. Yes you  are equal to a beggar and a president because things fluctuate with very little variance.

We are most intelligent and at the same time most dumb species. Most of us might have heard about the concept, something similar to most intelligent robot, which created for our rescue became the biggest threat for human life, robots  started thinking that if they are most powerful, they should capture the world.

We live in the world full of illusion, we are very low at realization of the truth. The only thing, we can realize is Love and Happiness. Still the first factor is trashed away.

How? I got the responses many times. Almost all lovers say one thing – If I would get a choice to love anyone or No one. I would have opted for second option. It also means that love is not a choice. It happens because it has to happen!
So what is the problem? if it exist at higher level of realization.
Unfortunate, but true all divine things are abused at the moment, whether it is love, religion or spirtual leaders it is impact of Kalyuga. However, we should take it as positive:

Love is the magic which always convert human into very pure form. Believe it or not. If anyone bear the consequences of love, they will be more pure and dropped things like ego, jealousness, arrogance, greediness etc. You can also experience piece and relaxation in pain. Love can turn criminals into good man.

Love is giving not gaining.

Lastly, not getting anything in return – It is nature of love. The world is too less for having any return for love.

That means, we are getting pured almost half of us had love at times!! It never happened before!!  We may think that it is because : We are getting a chance to meet people of opposite sex.  Strange but true, we have changed the definition of love according to our convenience. The butterflies around our chest, some strange feelings and importance for the special one is always taken as Love. But it is NOT true.  There are many variants like Crush, Infatuation, Lust, Emotional attachment and respect. Most of them vanishes at some point of time. But we increase scope of love to include all these things and as rightly said it is very difficult to distinguish between these all. Simplest one can be, Love don’t make you mad or blind. Everything will be crystal clear to you, it is not fun and don’t include pleasure. Love is very matured in nature, yet complex to understand. It is not having butterflies associated with the feelings. It is very possible that you will never realize that you are in love with someone. However any other variants make you very excited and you feel very special. Love is quite spiritual in nature and never driven by human.

Why the variants are taking place: If that is just dilemma or illusion then Why it exists. The biggest cause is : As we know that we are moving away from God so we are equipped with lots of negativity. These variants(excluding respect) are part of this negativity. If we involved into good activity and we are more close to god. Things will correct by itself and we will realize the truth.  Best way is to dedicate all your problems to God and let them take care. Remember, Love exist at very high level of realization even more than human body and yet Love is same for all whether it is your parents, your partner, your brother, any physical thing or God. That also means that Love for a person or thing is NOT different then divine love.  Yet love is a separate entity in itself, it is very possible that it can be transformed.

Last, but not the least, in any of the variants you will not believe on me because of blindness and illusion and you wanted to believe that whatever you are feeling is love. The main problem extend a bit further, when a relation is started with any of the variant even if feelings are vanished but they have no option to carry the relation which results into terrible life.

Whatever written above, if we started implementing them then we may be in the short term loss. But not more than 10-20%. But that will surely add a lot to our happiness account.

After reading this article!! First thing, we will do is to forget everything!! We will never see at our next step whether we are making this world bad or not? It is it.. we like this way .. if we like dirt.. what is your(writer’s) problem? My(writer’s) concerns  are simple, if little discipline can make you happy forever So why not? try changing yourself today and you will see the reaction of the world will change for you. There is very less competition in goodness so we all can always win!!