Help tips for decision makers

We generally never understand that when we will matured enough to take CORRECT decisions. Every time we grow up and our wrong decisions makes input to take correct decision. Quite convincing may be, there is no limitation of maturity and understanding level and correct decision making. “Relative” experience always counts for taking perfect decisions. I specially mentioned ‘relative’, it indicated that if we don’t have knowledge on that topic, take help of experts.

We can simulate decision making to various systems including court and “winning a bid”. All it takes is good understanding and maturity level. Good knowledge of each clues and there future impact. Currently, I would like to take personal decision making rather than professional for proper diversion of the content.

One of the important aspect of decision making is always see stakeholder impacted by that decisions. If any one else apart from you will be in direct impact with that decisions then have proper discussion and get everything clarified and take inputs from every stakeholder. For example, if you are deciding to take decision regarding relations then its not your own. It made of atleast two. So its better to have transparency at every points. Never take such decision by your own. Always discussion with other stakeholder and if you want to take; then explain others that I am taking this decision because of so and so reasons. Keeping any side blank is very problematic and may lead to frustration. In the simplest, if something is strange or awkward, start thinking from that person’s view. It may give you clear picture.

Guys are in general very career prospective(including me). But career and goal is not the only aim in our life. There should be proper abstraction between personal life and professional life. Everything including workarounds, responsibility and goal is totally different for both parts. Its my belief, not quite convincing but it should be like two sides of a coin. One inherent meanings is that never mix-up your professional and personal and remember in special cases “personal” life is having quite high priority over “professional”. I remembered one of the statement of my good friend “Professional assists us in living our  personal life fully”. I totally agree with this statement.

Most of the time problem lies in misunderstanding, it should be clear that two person’s always have different views that may not compatible. So we can’t expect same perception throughout(I am really very poor in making others understand what I mean to say, it may reflect in this article:P).

I really wanted to write this article early because it may helped many of my friends :(. Generally, when we say we sacrificed for some one! really we do? If other side is not aware about it or you are not claiming that you may loose something than this is not sacrifice this is totally foolishness, but ya, timing matters. For examples, many times I heard something like “I have to choose career or his/her” so I chosen career. To my wonder, it is main factor why many of us having tarrying Indian values and looking toward western culture which says ” Don’t take tension, if something annoying you, give up”.  Strange! first of all there should not be any condition to “choose”, it can only exist if every stakeholder is not clear about it. Make other clear that you are gonna loose something which may trouble you in future so they may understand but if we never say something annoying me or causing me some loss and sharing that statement, then it may be nuisance. Many career prospective person(including me) give preference to my career because at one aspect, it will help me in giving me and others quite good condition to live. It also leads to a bright future.

One more thing, Its better to take decision at appropriate time with proper communication with stakeholders rather than squandering the time.

*In Revision

*In progress


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