Every Human Being is special.

I strongly believe that we are here in this world for certain goal. Every one’s position is already fixed. We are here to achieve that position(we call our target). We varies our path and direction due to personal and social needs. Just match with a child’s dream and today, is their any difference!! I don’t think that really we want to become the 1 we are today. But something which turned us toward our current track.

I just want to comment on one thing that we are not created by ‘self’. There are many eyes having hope and expectation from us, guiding us throughout our life in different turns and twist, they never say that your presence may be important to them, even they may never express but we know we are. So our presence is important not for self or someone, not for some of us but many of us who are and will be part of our life at some instance. We never use to recognize our values, It can be also verified by mythological beliefs.

I also believe on “never ever give up philosophy”. Personally, I generally try to slow down the thing in case of problems but it always resides somewhere that I have to do/achieve that. In the simplest, we give up because of some reasons most of them arise due to problems, fear and specially against the art of laziness :P. Many of us have dreamed somewhere which are lost due to our daily routine and we generally give same excuse : We never get enough  time to do this(Although it has nothing to do with time, it is something to with priority management) . Sometimes we also believed in “Thing Big” policy. I remembered one of statement said by my very good friend and successful professional. Most of the time you have to deal with hurdle race but we have to win :-). As we know, “Just keep thing running with same pace” is always easiest thing to do but it will never make your extraordinary but perhaps lazy.

We Indians are quite different to thoughts because we always give more stress to being at safe side, job security may be one of the examples. One more attention is giving up due to upcoming problems(More on decision post). Again we look at famous story of rabbit and tortoise. I am in favor of rabbit, only rabbit wanted to have honesty and guidance, if rabbit got that quality then no tortoise can win without external support :D.

Everyone if they know their capability and importance and reason for their existence and work hard to achieve their target then I don’t think any external motivation is required. We all are self motivated to achieve our dream and we only require guidance/support but we are not dependent to brighten up our life. One thing I would like to add, if we tried our best with full honestly to get something then even after lots of efforts, we ll not get anything then their is still some satisfaction that atleast we tried(It also give good addition to our experience) and also help us in shaping our future. I am really against discouragement after loosing something. We should learn that their may be some mistakes and should try to improve that and again put efforts with double speed. Only looser say “Every thing is written, if something don’t belongs to you, you will not get it”. Above mentioned phrase is not wrong at all, but no where written that how that written thing will belongs to us, so after few years we can see our achievement and can say that thing was written in our life :D.

Please provide your valuable comments to add beauty to customized articles like this. I really appreciate your efforts in reading it.

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2 Responses to Every Human Being is special.

  1. Seema says:

    A good one.. worth reading 🙂

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