Regarding Blasts!

July 28, 2008

I really use to skimming news channels. But different humors taken my attention toward mails got from one of gurus of the blast. At around 19:30(IST). I was curiously looking at content. Being a software professional these things automatically takes my attention. Few things, I noticed are

1. HTML content, few images, which is having their own history.

2. Use of Big email providers including Yahoo, Gmail.

3. It was not a  fixed pattern(specially email part). Dropping a mail at evening then after 3-4 hours and each email is having different information. I really wondering why they dropped mails like that? They can embed all into one. This may be due to lack of time on insufficient information about targets or improper documentation or lack of recipients information.

Some clues that drove my attention, is

1. All selected places, may not be capital but biggest in the state.

2. No blast was of suicidal activity. They may have taken advantage of not implementing traffic camera’s across country.

3. One central access.

4. Quite big terrorist activity. Very high budget and scope.



July 27, 2008


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